How Often Does Poor Street Lighting Lead to Auto Accidents?

dark road with streetlights

Poor lighting can be one of the many things that can contribute to auto accidents. A darker road can be more dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle riders, and occupants of motor vehicles. If you have suffered injuries in an auto accident on a dark road, a San Mateo County, California car accident lawyer can evaluate your case, tell you who should be held responsible, and help you pursue compensation.

Can Good Lighting Prevent Auto Accidents?

Improving the lighting on a street will not cut down on accidents completely, but better visibility for drivers and pedestrians could potentially make areas safer. Adequate lighting can:

  • Make potential obstacles and hazards easier to see
  • Allow drivers to see each other earlier
  • Make it less difficult to see signs and traffic signals, like yield or stop signs
  • Keep pedestrians safer when they cross the street

Good street lighting can help reduce the chance of auto accidents occurring. Properly spacing out street lights, replacing burned-out fixtures, and fixing any broken lights should be a top priority for any municipality.

Who Can Be Held Liable When Poor Lighting Contributes to Auto Accidents?

In most cases, the motorists or motorists involved in your auto accident would be the first targets to pursue for compensation. Whether you were also in a car, you were a pedestrian, or you were a cyclist, the driver or drivers who helped cause an accident where you suffered injuries need to be held responsible.

If the lighting on the street, crosswalk, or sidewalks was a contributing factor to the accident, it may also be possible to sue the town or city for damages. Your lawyer can go over your case with you and help you figure out if this is a possibility.

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

You are not required to hire an auto accident attorney, but one can do many things to help you with your case. Your lawyer will:

Help you file before the statute of limitations expires: You have two years to pursue a personal injury case in California, but going after a government agency can actually give you even less time to sue, as little as six months. If you act fast your lawyer will ensure that you do not miss your chance to pursue compensation.

Calculate fair compensation: Your attorney will make sure that your compensation offer covers all of the costs stemming from your accident, including medical bills, lost wages, and the pain and suffering experienced by your family.

Hold all liable parties accountable: Your lawyer will pursue any party that contributed to your accident, whether that was another driver or the municipality that did not provide adequate street lighting, and ensure that they are held accountable for the pain they have had a hand in causing.

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