Client Testimonials

From the initial consultation to the successful conclusion Allister was a stand-up lawyer. He provided all necessary information for making informed decisions, treated me as an equal despite my lack of expertise in the case, created a safe environment, kept me updated, and followed through on his responsibilities.

- Elyse J.

Allister was a pleasure to work with! Not only did he make sure my injuries were properly addressed, but his communication throughout the process was also very thorough and timely!

- Charles C.

I met Mr. Liao and he helped me with a trip & fall case. He was very personal and knowledgeable of the law. His determination and experience lead to me receiving a very nice settlement for my injury. I would definitely recommend Mr. Liao to anyone seeking an injury attorney.

- Sharon C.

Allister Laio was recommended to me when my wife was hit by a car in a pedestrian walkway. She suffered a major injury and was taken to Stanford trauma. After surgery and months in rehabilitation, she had a full recovery. Allister took our case and from the first day managed all of the insurance and Medicare issues and was able to equitably settle our case with the driver's insurance company. He is a smart, knowledgeable lawyer who is able to discuss all of the issues related to a personal injury case.

- Lyle B.

My son broke his arm at a school play structure during school hours under the supervision of teachers. I'm very glad that we got in touch with Allister. He timely ordered the necessary inspections and collected key evidence that established the school's negligence in complying with playground codes. Throughout the legal process, Allister communicated to us clearly what our choices are, provided suggestions, and respected our choices.

- Chaur W.

Allister represented me for a civil case from a car accident I was involved in. He came as a referral and I am happy I chose him to represent me. He made me feel comfortable and did a great job breaking down the process, explaining components of my case, and was always happy to answer any questions. As someone who has never gone through a personal injury case from a car accident, I will admit I was probably more demanding than the norm, however, he was patient and prompt in his responses. I felt like he treated me like family rather than just a client. Two major character traits that he exuded throughout our interactions were compassion and how he had a genuine interest in me/my situation. That spoke volumes to me, I didn't feel like just another client.

- Ant O.

I've known Allister Liao professionally for over 10 years. As a Chiropractor, I frequently get asked for attorney referrals. I have always been able to rely on Allister for his prompt attention. I trust his judgment and experience when it comes to legal issues.

- Nikoo J.

It was a pleasure working with Allister. I was in a car accident in 2015 and had no idea how to deal with the other party's insurance, claiming payment for a salvaged vehicle, chiropractor/physical therapy process, MRI fees, reimbursement, etc. I found Allister on Yelp and called him to explain my situation. He spent 45 minutes describing the entire process to me. He always responded very quickly to my emails (a day at the latest) and made sure all of my questions were answered clearly and in detail. He had gotten busier and hired a receptionist since I first met him. He wasn't always available by phone, but he did return calls in a timely manner. His personality is calm, nonaggressive, and comforting which may be reflected when he deals with the other party...? He wasn't able to get me the target settlement, but he did reduce his attorney fees. :) Overall, I would highly recommend him to anyone else seeking a personal injury lawyer and I would use him again in the future.

- Colin L.

I got rear-ended 3 years ago on my way to work. This is my first car accident in life, and the after-accident recovery is as painful as the accident trauma itself. For the first couple of days, I was stressed out by talking to the at-fault insurance company Geico as they are trying to speak down the case, while my back feels painful and my hand getting numb. I struggled with whether to hire an attorney as I don't know how big is the case, and concerned I might even need to pay extra if I go with an attorney. After seeking recommendations from Facebook Taiwanese group, I am fortunate to find Allister. Allister was responsive and ensured me that he will take care of the rest and that I can just focus on seeking the medical treatment that I should prioritize. He kept his promises. After having him represent the case, I have my mind free from all the chaos; all I did is getting all the treatment I needed. I had a low expectation of the case, however, he surprised me by reaching a decent settlement. I truly appreciate everything Allister has done. I will not hesitate to recommend him to all my personal network.

- Sophia L.

In 2015 I tripped over an uneven sidewalk, fell, and broke my left wrist. My nephew urged me to sue the city of Berkeley so I began the search for an attorney. Good fortune lead me to Allister Liao and I knew the moment we met that he was a gem: smart, conscientious, compassionate, and well versed in the intricacies of the law. My initial assessment was borne out by his outstanding performance in the following months in what turned out to be a complicated case suing the city as well as the business responsible for maintaining their portion of the sidewalk, Allister was always available, well prepared, and exceedingly kind and respectful. I am glad to know he is there should I ever need further legal assistance. You could not be in better hands than Allister's capable ones!

- Elisabeth G.

We had a great experience working with Mr. Liao. He was so knowledgeable and try to accommodate us at the time that we requested. When my mom and I had into a car accident, my husband contacted his office and got us an appointment to speak with Mr. Liao. He listened to us with no rush. Processed our insurance claim and guided us through every step. Even prepared us before our deposition. He is a great lawyer and always there to help. Will definitely refer Mr. Liao.

- Neric

Allister is a great person, an amazing and experienced attorney, I enjoyed working with him on a case for my family member. He is very patient, detail oriented and takes time to explain everything to his clients. I enjoyed how Allister can describe complex subjects very clearly to me. He is definitely one of the best attorneys I have worked with. Allister is very honest and gives correct information about possible outcomes of each scenario. He works very hard to make sure clients get best outcome. Great negotiator on behalf of clients as well. Many thanks to Allister for his help and support! Highly recommend him.

- Rolan M.

I was referred to Allister by my chiropractor after being rear-ended on the freeway. His firm was easy to work with and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the process went to resolve my case. Allister was overall accessible to communicate with and took care to understand my case needs. Allister was informative and professional along the way, providing clear and practical steps from start to finish.

- Leah H.

After reading many positive reviews, I connected with Allister after my mother was hit by a San Mateo Recology garbage truck. The truck completely totaled her car and left her traumatized. My mother is a non-native English speaker and was hesitant to take legal action. Allister also speaks Mandarin, so I encouraged them to meet. He is not only knowledgeable but compassionate. Over the course of 2+ years, Allister walked her through the process and what to expect. With Allister’s guidance, we reached a settlement. We highly recommend Allister; he is extremely trustworthy, compassionate, responsive, and professional.

- Amy C.

I have had the pleasure and opportunity of working with Allister on several occasions through the years and hope to do so more in the future. He is a well-versed and well-prepared attorney who is always willing to fight a worthy fight for his clients. After a particularly notable case together that was very well fought, he received what might be the most complimentary remark from the opposing counsel that one could get; they offered, in so many words, Allister a job if he wanted to go work for them!! Truly telling of his skill and presence in the legal field.

- Benjamin N.

In 2016, I went through an event where I was hit by a car as a pedestrian which was a huge blow to my personal goals as an athlete. I have never gone through any type of auto accident in my life and being a pedestrian, made recovery or getting back to what I used to do even more difficult. Even though I am still not 100%, during the legal process, Allister Liao was very helpful in every aspect. I had no idea how to even deal with insurance companies But Allister was a HUGE help. From walking into his office, explaining everything that needed to be done on my end, assisting in finding the best chiropractic care, constantly checking in to see how were things going, and finally closing the case, Allister was sure to help me in every way possible. He is very understanding, easy to get into contact with, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again, Allister.

- Leslie C.

I had a hit-and-run drunk driver accident in November 2021and I called Allister due to his great reviews and I’m so glad we did! He was always so honest and very fast to respond throughout the entire process, he was nothing short of amazing- he answered ALL of our questions and eased our concerns immediately. Even when he was out of the country he kept communications open with us and I appreciated that SO much! He got us the best settlement possible and I will definitely call him again for any future needs. Thank you SO much, Allister :)

- Albert G.

“I was just in a hurry.” That was the first thing the driver said to me, while I was still laying on the ground, after making an illegal right turn from the center lane and striking me on my bicycle. The entire experience was traumatizing and the financial impact was immense. I had no idea how to proceed once I was home and recovering from a broken ankle. I was referred to Allister, and after my experience with him, I am so glad I was. From the very beginning, Allister made sure I understood everything about the process, giving all the possible outcomes to prepare me for whichever one we ended up with. His online portal makes paperwork a breeze, and his continuous follow-up will put you at ease knowing he’s on top of your case. As a result of the accident, some mental health challenges from the past that I had overcome came back, including debilitating anxiety. I became an extremely difficult client to deal with, but Allister remained patient and was able to secure an insurance settlement despite the difficulty in communicating with me. What I received in financial compensation was far more than I expected. I had seen numerous specialists and attended several follow-ups which could have easily added up to thousands of dollars, but with Allister advocating on my behalf, only a small fraction of that was taken from my settlement payment. I am beyond grateful for Allister’s commitment to my case and thanks to him I was able to replace my damaged bicycle with an upgrade. If you came out of an accident injured and haven’t got a clue what to do, Allister is definitely the attorney you want. If I ever get hit again (knock on wood), Allister can count on my business!

- Christopher J.

Allister was my attorney for a case that involved me losing my tooth from a foreign object in a restaurant meal. This lawsuit got held up because of the pandemic but Allister stayed the course for 2-plus years, kept me apprised through every step of the process, and worked hard to get a good settlement for me. I was able to pay for my dental implant and have a nice sum beyond that thanks to Allister. I recommend him without hesitation. You will be well taken care of with him representing you.

- Jill D.

First off Allister is awesome! I came to Allister about the time my statute of limitations was running out and he quickly jumped into action to make sure everything was filed before the date. Allister kept me informed every step of the way. What I loved most was Allister would take the time to make sure I understood all of my options and what potential outcomes would be and what it could mean to me financially. Allister even took the time one night to talk with my husband to make sure he was on board with the direction we were going. Allister attended my deposition with me to make me feel at ease. He also fought hard to get me the most money for all my pain and suffering from my car accident, which ended up being triple what the insurance company originally offered. I would highly recommend Allister to anyone, you will be in great hands!

- Christi D.

We contacted Allister for a consultation a few weeks ago. Allister was extremely helpful and empathetic. He gave clear, direct, and accessible advice and patiently answered all of our questions, providing reassurance while also helping us form a realistic understanding of the situation and how to best navigate it. He exhibited a perfect blend of professionalism and empathy, which made us feel understood and supported and able to 100% trust his judgment and advice. This was my first ever legal consultation, and I honestly could not have hoped for a better experience. I would highly recommend Allister for your legal needs.

- Justine K.

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