How Can a Dashcam Help You Win Your Car Accident Case?

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In most car accidents there are two sides to the story. Having video footage of an accident can help you avoid the “he said, she said” and show that you are entitled to compensation. A San Mateo County, California hit and run accident lawyer from our firm can take your dashcam footage and help you pursue damages.

Is Using a Dashcam Legal in California?

Yes, dashcams are legal. You are recording public streets, and there generally is no expectation of privacy when you are driving on public roads. However, there is a small exception here. If your dashcam records audio, you need to tell other occupants of the vehicle that they can be recorded. You can also choose to mute or turn off that function when you have passengers.

The dashcam also cannot interfere with the normal operation of the vehicle. That means that it cannot block the windshield and your view of the road. State law limits the size of the dashcam to five square inches or less if they are placed on the upper center of the windshield. They are limited to seven square inches in size if they are placed in the lower right corner of the windshield, near the passenger side of your vehicle.

Finally, dashcams cannot interfere with the car’s airbags. If it looks like your camera could block or obstruct the airbags as they deploy, you could get ticketed.

Can I Use Dashcam Footage as Evidence?

Dashcam footage can be used as evidence just like any other video footage. Sometimes a car accident lawyer can track down a video that shows an accident, like surveillance video from a nearby business or traffic camera footage from the scene, but having dashcam video can make building a case even easier.

A dashcam video can show things that can help you with your personal injury case. You might be able to see:

  • The other driver committing a traffic violation
  • The license plate of a hit-and-run driver
  • A driver who is clearly inebriated or under the influence

Just remember that dashcams do not have any bias toward their owners. What we mean is that a dashcam can also show if you contributed to your accident. If you have a camera, you should talk to your attorney before showing its footage to anyone else.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Having some dashcam footage can make you think that your case is already made and that you do not need a lawyer, but you might be surprised at the kinds of legal hurdles you will still face as you try to pursue compensation.

Insurance companies do not want to pay out generous settlements. A car accident attorney can help you hold their feet to the fire and show them that you deserve a more generous compensation offer.

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