What Types of Outside Experts Can Potentially Help With a Personal Injury Case?

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If you get into a motor vehicle accident and believe that someone else was at fault, your testimony might not go too far by itself. Many car accidents quickly devolve into a “he said, she said.” That makes it hard to figure out who is telling the truth about what happened and even about how the accident is affecting them. That is why a San Mateo County, California truck accident lawyer from our firm is ready to help you build a case that relies on more than just your testimony. We can help you find experts who can strengthen your claim and make it easier to pursue the compensation that you deserve.

Which Outside Experts Can Help Strengthen My Car Accident Case?

Our law firm can contact many types of experts who can examine specific aspects of your case. When they are given time to make their own investigations and evaluations, their testimony can then be used to bolster your arguments and show that you were the one who was wronged. Experts who can help you fight for compensation include:

Psychologists and mental health professionals: An expert in this field can testify about how the accident affected you and what kinds of trauma it left behind. If you are suffering from mental anguish, loss of enjoyment, or any other pain and suffering, a psychologist can speak about it with authority.

Accident recreation experts: Professionals in this field can recreate an auto accident with the aid of computer programs and advanced models. Their recreation could show how another person was responsible for the collision and your injuries.

Economists: An economist can talk about how the injuries you received have impacted you financially. They can talk about your current and future medical costs, but they can also focus on wages you lost out on when recovering and future earning potential lost due to your injuries.

Manufacturing experts: Sometimes a faulty part can help cause an auto accident. An expert in manufacturing can spot a problem and speak authoritatively about how this failure in the production process contributed to an accident.

How Else Can a Personal Injury Attorney Assist Me?

A personal injury attorney can do more than connect you with expert witnesses. When you work with our law firm, we are committed to helping you build the strongest case and fighting for the compensation that you deserve. Your attorney can:

  • Handle any communications on your behalf
  • Update you on any progress in your case
  • Prepare you to testify or speak at a deposition
  • Field settlement offers
  • Gather any evidence that can be used to enhance your case
  • Defend you from any accusations of wrongdoing or fault
  • Hold all liable parties accountable

Meet With Our Car Accident Attorneys

If you are ready to pursue compensation in a personal injury case, contact the Law Offices of Allister R. Liao. We can tell you more about how our network of experts and other resources can be used to help you fight for compensation.

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