Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

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If you’ve been in a car accident recently, car accident lawyers are here to help. People often have a lot on their minds in the aftermath of a car accident: the shock of what happened, concern over their finances, and possibly even medical worries. Even as you work towards your physical recovery, you may have bills arriving in the mail. You shouldn’t have to weather all of that on your own. Personal injury law exists in part to help with situations like these, when one person’s negligence causes another person harm. A car accident lawyer knows what both what your legal responsibilities and your legal rights are, and will be able to guide you. Please keep reading to learn about everything car accident lawyers offer to their clients. You’ve been through so much recently and you deserve stress-less compensation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a San Mateo County car accident lawyer.

Is Contacting a Lawyer Worth it?

Your first concern may be whether talking to a car accident lawyer is worth your time and money. In most cases, however, a free case evaluation means you aren’t losing out by discussing your case with a lawyer. Typically you won’t have any obligation to hire the first lawyer you talk to. You will have the opportunity to talk to many lawyers until you find a firm you believe you can work with, provided you proceed in a timely manner.

What Will a San Mateo Car Accident Lawyer Do to Help Me?

Once you do hire a lawyer, we will do everything we can from start to finish, to get you the largest possible compensation. We’ll deal with preparations like hiring accident reconstructions, investigating where your accident occurred, and perhaps most importantly, handling communications and paperwork so you don’t need to be stressing out about the bills you may be receiving. If a settlement can’t be reached, we’ll be there to fight hard in court for you.

All of the above steps can be burdensome and complex. A car accident lawyer, however, will have traveled along this hectic road many times. They will know what needs to be prepared and how to avoid problems down the line.

For example, with an understanding of the procedures around California’s state of limitations, we’ll make sure your case progresses promptly within the required timeframe. Insurance companies, as well, tend to have complicated processes for dealing with accidents and paying insured individuals for their losses. Typically insurance companies resist paying all but the least amount of compensation they get away with. This is why the help of a lawyer who knows how to work with insurance companies is so crucial.

Beyond that, your car accident lawyer will work to maximize your compensation, by discerning what forms of compensation you are entitled to, as well as potentially liable parties. State and federal laws have a lot to say about compensation and liability, and sometimes, these two legal systems also interact with each other to produce different results. Given this complexity, calling a San Mateo County car accident lawyer is a wise decision to get you through these difficult days.

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