What Regulations Govern the Trucking Industry and How Do They Impact Accident Claims?

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The trucking industry is an important one. Without these big trucks and trailers, we would have a hard time moving around all of the products and materials needed to keep the economy going. The size of these vehicles makes them dangerous though, and if you have been in an accident involving a truck you know this all too well. That is why there are so many trucking regulations in place, designed to keep the roads safer. If someone ignored these regulations and caused you harm, a San Mateo County, California truck accident lawyer from our firm is ready to assist you.

What Do Trucking Regulations Focus On?

Trucking regulations mostly focus on issues that could affect the safety of a truck, how it operates, and how it could affect the other vehicles on the road. There are federal rules and many states have made rules of their own. Without getting too into the weeds here, we can say that many trucking regulations concern:

  • The weight of the truck
  • What kind of cargo can be transported
  • How long a driver can operate the truck before taking a break
  • The qualifications of the driver
  • Whether or not the truck driver is using alcohol or drugs
  • How maintenance and repairs are handled

If anyone ignores these regulations, they could be placing the other people who share the road with them in serious danger.

Who Can Be Held Liable in My Trucking Accident Case?

These trucking regulations can affect your personal injury case because they can help you determine who should be held accountable for the harm that was caused in an accident.

Normally, people think to blame the driver when a truck accident occurs. It is possible that the driver was violating rules about drug use or hours of service, or they could have done something else that was negligent. However, it is possible that they were not the problem. Maybe the truck was not properly maintained and there was an equipment failure. It is also possible that both the actions of the driver and poor maintenance contributed to the accident.

So trucking regulations can actually help us determine who should be held at fault and what combination of parties actually contributed to the accident that caused you or a loved one harm.

Do I Need a Lawyer Who Knows About Trucking Regulations?

It can be helpful to have an attorney who is familiar with truck accidents and trucking regulations. Your lawyer can help you:

  • Fight for fair compensation
  • Identify liable parties
  • Prepare for testimony or depositions
  • Defend yourself from any accusations of wrongdoing

You are not required to have a lawyer, but we recommend meeting with our team before you decide to go it alone.

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