What are the harmful effects of drunk driving?

drunk driving

Though there are various campaigns against driving under the influence in the United States, tens of thousands of drunk driving accidents occur every year. In California alone, up to a thousand people per year are killed in drunk driving accidents. Some people may not know the true effects of drunk driving and why driving under the influence causes so many accidents. Have you been injured by a drunk driver and seeking legal help? Read on to learn more about how alcohol impacts drivers and how a San Mateo County, California Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer can help you through the legal process.

Why is drunk driving so dangerous?

Alcohol has various immediate effects on the human body. Because alcohol directly impacts the brain, anyone under the influence will naturally have a difficult time performing usual tasks, especially those that require attention and skill.

The most notable effects that impact a person’s driving ability are:

  • Poor judgment and lack of safe decision-making
  • Slowed reflexes and poor coordination
  • Blurry vision and decrease in peripheral vision
  • Inability to concentrate or focus

Alcohol has quite impactful effects on a person’s motor skills, thinking process, and vision. These are all vital abilities when operating a motor vehicle, so naturally driving while under the influence would be difficult for anyone.

What should I do if I get injured by a drunk driver?

Immediately after any auto accident, someone should call the police to file an official accident report and request ambulances for anyone who is seriously injured. Police officers who arrive at the scene should perform a breathalyzer to determine the person’s exact Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). If the driver is found to have a BAC of 0.08 or higher, they are immediately charged with a DUI (driving under the influence). It’s important to keep records of everything, including the driver’s BAC at the time of the accident, photos of the accident/damage, witness reports, hospital records showing the extent of the injuries, and more. Having this information helps us easily file a personal injury claim against the drunk driver. The statute of limitations in California is 2 years, meaning you have 2 years from the date of your accident to file a claim.

What are California’s Dram Shop Laws?

A dram shop is a legal term for any establishment where alcohol is served, which is typically a bar. In many states, the establishment that served the drunk driver may also be held responsible for a DUI accident. California is far less strict on dram shops, and the dram shop can only be held accountable in a drunk driving accident if the driver was a minor. So in most drunk driving cases in California, only the drunk driver is found liable in court. The Law Offices of Allister R. Liao are here to help with your legal needs in the event of an auto accident. Contact our trusted offices today!

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