How Important Is It To Wear a Seatbelt?

Woman driving car with seatbelt

You’ve most likely heard the popular phrase “click it or ticket” to encourage Americans to always wear a seatbelt in the car. Seatbelt safety is far more important than most people realize because seatbelts can both prevent car accidents and protect passengers in the event of a car accident. To learn more about why seatbelts are so essential, read more or reach out to a San Mateo County, California Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer today!


When riding a motor vehicle, your body matches the speed of the vehicle. However, when the vehicle abruptly stops, your body wants to keep moving forward which is why you’ll often lurch forward after a sudden stop. Without a proper seatbelt, you are at risk of unintentionally moving around in a driving vehicle which is extremely dangerous especially if you’re the one operating the vehicle. You are more likely to lose control of your vehicle if you’re not seated properly. You are statistically more likely to be injured or even killed in a car accident if you’re not wearing a seatbelt.


There are many different dangers at play if you choose not to wear your seatbelt in the car. Approximately half of all car accident fatalities are caused by the driver or passenger not properly wearing a seatbelt. It’s easily the most effective safety feature in your motor vehicle, especially in the event of a car accident. It will prevent ejection from your car by keeping you safely strapped into your seat. If you’re driving without one and hit something or come to an abrupt stop, you could potentially be thrown into your dashboard or even through your windshield. As a passenger, you could accidentally hit the seat in front of you or another passenger. You can even be injured by the airbag if not properly buckled up. The seatbelt will not only secure you in place but distribute the impact force so only the strongest parts of your body (shoulders and torso) will feel the full impact.


All drivers and passengers over the age of 8 are legally required to wear seatbelts in California. If you are caught driving without your seatbelt properly fastened, you could receive a fine of at least $20 for your first offense and $50 or more for every subsequent offense. You can also be cited if a passenger under 16 years old is not wearing a seatbelt while you’re driving. Children under the age of 8 are required to sit in booster seats or approved car seats.

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