How Does Speeding Contribute to California Auto Accidents?

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Speed limits are central to staying safe while driving, though careful drivers need to do more than follow the speed limit. The faster you drive, the more easily you can lose control of your car and the harder it will be to stop in time or to use danger-mitigating systems installed on your vehicle. If you were injured by a speeding driver, get in touch with a San Mateo County motor vehicle accident lawyer soon.

What Is Speeding?

Speeding is among the most clearly dangerous types of driving behavior. Small speed increases radically rocket up the possibility of a collision, and even of death. For example, a pedestrian hit by a vehicle going at 20 mph has a 10% risk of death. At 40 mph? The risk is 80%. Once a driver hits speeds above 50 mph, anyone crashed into has an almost 100% chance of death.

Increased speed plays a huge part in whether an automobile accident happens, as well as how dangerous it may become. High speeds make it harder to react to road conditions, which can lead to a loss of control over the vehicle, and that in turn can lead to collisions.

The greater the speed, the greater the force of impact at the time of a crash, for everyone involved. This includes the driver and passenger(s) of the speeding car as well as the driver(s) and passenger(s) of any other vehicle the speeding one collides with.

Finally, any safety features installed in the car for the public’s protection may not function properly at high speeds. Airbags, seatbelts, and crumple zones are all designed with a moderate speed in mind.

What About Other Dangerous Driving Behaviors?

That being said, speeding isn’t the only dangerous driving behavior. Its opposite, driving too slowly, can also be very dangerous. Someone driving at less than 10 mph is also at a heightened risk of an accident.

Failing to exercise caution is another big cause of problems. You can be driving at the posted speed limit, but if you don’t account for weather conditions, you may end up driving at the speed limit of 70 mph during a thunderstorm. A prudent driver should always be aware of their surroundings: weather and traffic conditions, visibility, road construction, the condition of the driver’s own vehicle, the condition of other drivers’ vehicles, and so on.

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