Do I Have a Claim if I Sustained Whiplash in an Auto Accident?

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Often, we see movies use victims of whiplash for comedy, in the worst cases portraying them as melodramatic swindlers exaggerating a minor injury to see how far they can milk a lawsuit. In real life, however, whiplash injuries result in grave and ongoing health problems that, to add insult to injury, cost quite a bit to treat. If you have suffered whiplash or any other injury in a car accident, call a San Mateo County car accident lawyer. We’ve seen how much our clients suffer and we will do everything in our power to get you compensation that will help in dealing with the negative consequences of your accident.

What Are Symptoms of Whiplash and How Does It Happen?

Whiplash, also called a neck sprain or strain, is caused by your neck experiencing a quick, sudden back-and-forth movement that stretches your ligaments. You’ll very likely feel stiff and pulled. Even minor rear-end collisions often result in whiplash, but it should be noted that most accidents like slip and falls can also cause whiplash.

Symptoms of whiplash typically include pain in your upper body (neck, shoulders, upper back), reduced mobility, swelling in and around your neck, and muscle spasms around the site of your injury. A whiplash injury can cause damage to your skeleton system (spine and spinal disks) and your muscular system (muscles, tendons, and ligaments). The severity of your injuries will be key in determining fault during a lawsuit.

Grounds for a Valid Whiplash Claim in an Auto Accident

When it comes to whiplash injuries arising from car accidents, it is almost always from a driver read-ending another driver. Because California is an at-fault state for car insurance, you are entitled to compensation for injuries if you suffer whiplash in the Golden State. It is highly likely that whoever caused the accident in which you were involved is legally liable for your injuries, pending a court determination of how extensive your injuries were. The more serious and long-term your injury, the more likely you are to receive a greater amount of money in compensation.

However, if your injury was less grave than it could have been, don’t despair, and don’t settle for a low offer on your compensation. Remember that with California being an at-fault state for these accidents, you are at an advantage if you did not cause the accident. Get in contact with a San Mateo County car accident lawyer and see what we can do to lighten your load during this difficult time.

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