1. Who We Are


We are a bilingual English-Chinese law firm located in the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area.

We provide all our clients effective, personal, and compassionate representation.

Our experience in personal injury litigation and our willingness to go the extra mile allows our clients to rest assured knowing that they will have the best representation possible.

2. What We Do


Are you injured? Car accident, industrial mishap, medical negligence, defective product, dangerous animal, or some other cause, we are here to help.

While we offer a range of legal services, our core practice areas are personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death litigation (tort law).

If you’ve been injured and you’re unclear what type of case you have, give us a call and find out. We are always happy to listen to your story.

3. How We Can Help


Spend a few minutes and give us a call, send us an email, or you can even chat with us online.

Learn how we can help you get the financial compensation that you are entitled.

We offer a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION initial consultation with an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California!